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April 23, 2014

Have you seen the recent commercial promoting Illinois tourism?

It features a mini Abraham Lincoln (reminiscent of Nick Cage’s Tiny Elvis from Saturday Night Live – “That’s hu-u-uge!”)  awed by attractions around Illinois saying an awed “Whoa!”, and ending with the slogan “Be More Whoa-ed”.

I couldn’t help but read it as “Whoa-Ed” — Hey, that’s me! (Imagine hearing me saying the Bozo the Clown classic line in the original wacky Bob Bell acted Bozo the Clown voice)

I’m glad to be living in, and have this blog written from, our home here in Illinois.  There is nowhere else I’d rather live. I was fortunate to have been born in Illinois (Chicago – the greatest city in the world). I was raised in Illinois…went to school in Illinois…had my children in Illinois.  I’ve lived in Illinois my entire life. And I imagine I will live most of the rest of my life here in Illinois.

I love Illinois. Most of my family and friends live in Illinois. There is so much to do here. There are wonderful museums, zoos, natural attractions, amusement parks, festivals and events.  We have the best pizza.  We have the best food.  We have two baseball teams in the Cubs and White Sox, and we have the Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks. Illinois is the home of WGN-TV (the original home of the aforementioned Bozo). We have the worlds tallest building in the Sears tower.  We have the world’s busiest airport.   We have Oprah.

Illinois is the heart in the heartland, and it’s citizens have the biggest hearts in America.

In other words, Ed (Novick) is happy and proud to endorse, promote and be an intrinsic part of the Illinois Whoa-Ed campaign, and thinks it is genius…sheer genius! I only wish I had thought of it.

(This image is NOT the official Be More Whoa-ed ad, but rather an unapproved modified version of the original for this story.)



Here is the actual video:

Or you can click here to see the Be More Whoa-Ed video.


In fact, that having been said, now that I’m unemployed, I am available for marketing opportunities promoting and endorsing myself to a variety of Illinois and non-Illinois advertising campaigns.

Ed is not only my name, but “ed” is a very powerful word suffix with lots of possibilities, and makes a great ‘edning’ to any ad campaign.  Ads including or ending in -ed would be belov-ed by everyone who sees them.

For instance, Duracell has a “Trust-ed Everywhere” ad campaign. That would be a good fit for me to be a spokesperson or poster child for.  I’m very trustworthy.



And I’m sure there are numerous other advertising possibilities.  Look at all the word possibilities ending in -ed.

If Illinois doesn’t hire me and put me to work in this great state for the Whoa-Ed campaign or something, Indiana might do it and put me on their Illinoyed campaign to bring annoyed Illinois businesses to nearby Indiana. See  We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?

So enjoy Illinois.  Be more Whoa-ed.  And, for goodness sake, let’s put Ed to work for us (before we all get Illannoyed with him).


(Please – no offers for promoting Viagra, Cialis or other Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs.)






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