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Feeling Randy

April 5, 2015

As a touching ending to my recent blog posts about Bella Mia being featured on Chicago’s Best restaurant review TV show, I wanted to share this story.

I recently posted that I Might Be On TV This Sunday!

Subsequently I posted that I Was On TV!  Did You See Me?

To see the full episode of Chicago’s Best feature of Bella Mia, go to:  There is about a 4 minute video feature of Bella Mia. In the video, I appear briefly – very briefly – don’t blink or you’ll miss me.

I updated my comic depiction of the Chicago’s Best coverage that I had made previously to more closely resemble the actual experience.  In it, Elliott Bambrough and Bella Mia restaurant owner, Randy, enjoy a drink over their food.

Here is my depiction of the event:


bella mia chicagos best


In the comic you see Elliott and Randy dining and toasting, and you see my famous Ed character from Edventures With Ed and Ed Novick Comics in the distance at the top of the image wearing a red shirt as I had the night we dined there during the taping of Chicago’s Best.

Here is an actual photo from the actual video coverage of the restaurant….in it I’ve circled where I was dining with Leslie and caught for just a brief moment on TV.


bella mia



Anywhoooo….for this final related story….

So, I wanted to gift the comic that I had created to Randy to commemorate his TV debut and featuring of his Bella Mia restaurant on Chicago’s Best.  I printed the comic on photo paper, signed it “To Randy, Best Wishes, Ed”, and put it in a new frame for safe keeping.

This past Saturday night, Leslie and I returned to Bella Mia for dinner, and I brought the framed comic with us.

Once seated, I asked the waitress if she would ask Randy to stop by our table, which he did.

Randy recognized Leslie and I as regular patrons – and as the most romantic couple that dines at Bella Mia.

I told Randy that I am an amateur comic artist, that we were happy to see him and his restaurant, our favorite restaurant, featured on Chicago’s Best…and to commemorate it, I had made a comic of the event, and gave it to him.

Randy received it graciously, looked it over, smiled, thanked me for my kindness, gave me a hug, gave Leslie a hug, then told me he needed to go as he was getting choked up, and departed us.  Leslie said she saw Randy wiping his eye as if to wipe a tear from it.  I can’t tell you that my gift made Randy cry, but evidence seems to point to it.  Leslie told me later that she thought that genuine random acts of kindness and thoughtfulness, such as the gift I gave Randy, really connects with people and touches them deeply emotionally.

Leslie then said she observed Randy showing the comic to other staff members at Bella Mia.   Within a few minutes, both our waitress and server, Tony, had stopped by to say they saw the comic and appreciated the artwork.  I told Tony, our regular server there, that he was featured in the comic and he seemed to beam with pride.  You can see Tony pouring a glass of water in the comic in the upper left corner of it.

Leslie and I enjoyed our dinner as we usually do.

Then, and as we left the restaurant, I was so pleased and proud to notice that Randy had chosen to display the comic proudly at the entrance of the restaurant along with a plaque dedicated to Randy, and a framed note from Chicago’s Best. I took a photo of the display at the entrance of the restaurant, and I imagine that you may find it similarly displayed if you went to Bella Mia today.  My comic is in the upper left had corner of the photo.



I was so pleased and touched that Randy appreciated my gesture and gift, and took pride in displaying it with his other awards and treasures.

And I was tickled that my act of kindness seemed to touch the man, make him feel good, and make us a friend.

I received much more in the giving than I had given away.

That’s how kindness works.  You get more in the giving than the giving costs you.   It is SO worth the effort.


What kind and thoughtful gesture could you do for someone else today?

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