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I Might Be On TV This Sunday!

March 21, 2015

A few weeks ago, I walked into my favorite restaurant, Bella Mia in Midlothian, IL, and as I was waiting to be seated, noticed that there was TV lighting and a camera man setting up in the middle of the restaurant.  I asked Randy, the owner, what was going on.  Randy said that Chicago’s Best was there to cover his restaurant.  I was excited for him.  Chicago’s Best is a TV show that features the best restaurants in Chicagoland.  Bella Mia has long been my favorite restaurant since it opened a few years ago, and it is very deserving of recognition as one of Chicago’s best restaurants.

Randy asked if I wanted seating away from the commotion of the TV crew, but I said no and asked for a table in the back near the fireplace –  a favorite cozy corner where Leslie and I could feel away from the crowd of the restaurant.

We dined in the back of the restaurant by the fireplace while the TV crew did their thing.

At one point I turned and realized that the TV camera was pointing right at the table we were dining at. I wondered if I might have been caught on tape while we were dining.

Now I don’t know whether the camera captured me on film or not.  The camera might have been pointed at a downward angle toward the table, in which case I wouldn’t make the screen being just out of view at the top of the screen.

HOWEVER … IF the camera was pointed up just enough, I might be on TV!

Bella Mia’s signage out front of the restaurant has been promoting that it will be featured on Chicago’s Best this coming Sunday, March 22nd.

SOOOO…if you get the chance, watch Chicago’s Best this Sunday at 10PM on Chicago’s Very Own, WGN-TV, and look for me and Leslie at the top of the screen when one of the show’s hosts, Elliot, is seated at the table, possibly interviewing Bella Mia owner Randy.  See the red circle in the illustration below for where I anticipate I just might possibly be seen on TV.

bella mia


Chicago’s Best airs Sunday nights at 10pm on Chicago’s Very Own, WGN-TV and replays at various times during the week on CLTV.  So even if you miss the original broadcast you might catch it on a rerun.

Whether I make it on TV or not, our dinner at Bella Mia was wonderful, as usual, and I highly recommend you try dining there sometime.  You might even see me there in person when you go.  If you do, I’ll be glad to give you my autograph if you ask nicely…now that I’m a big maybe-on-TV star and all.


For Bella Mia’s web site, go to:

For Chicago’s Best web site, go to:

See the Chicago’s Best promotional video of their upcoming episode covering restaurants in the Chicago Southland including Midlothian:


View video full screen:


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