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Two Hundred Hearts

February 16, 2015

As I was preparing to write the 200th post on my blog, on Valentine’s Day nonetheless, I was brainstorming what to write about, and the number 200 kept coming up in the news as a sign to me that I was supposed to write about this.

I didn’t write the story on Valentine’s Day as I had wanted to do, rather starting it the next day, and finished it today when I had more time to reflect on what I should be writing.

I kept seeing the number 200 come up in news stories about abuses of women and murders in other countries.  Titles like “Rights group report: Sudanese soldiers raped more than 200 women, girls” and “Boko Haram ‘Kidnaps Nearly 200 Villagers, Kills Dozens’ in Nigeria” and “200 Iraqis killed in mass executions by ISIS fighters, Human Rights Watch says” plagued recent headlines.

Yep.  The number “200” kept on coming up in the news so it was a sign to me about what I had to write about in my 200th post on my blog.

The fact that it was coming up on Valentine’s Day, a day of love and hearts, helped me to know what I had to say.

Two hundred is a large number.  That means these things terrible things didn’t just happen randomly in a small way to a few people.  These things happened to a lot of people, and in a horrifying way.  Many lives have been forever and irreversibly altered by the crimes against people … and against love … hurting many hearts.

One of those hearts is mine.  One of those hearts should be yours.  And it should be the heart of everyone who hears of such atrocities against anyone.

While these things may have happened on the other side of the world, they are no less repulsive to mankind.

If they happened to you, or your loved ones, you would be crying out for justice.  I would hope that everyone in the world would grieve with you, and work to put an end to the crimes.

Yet such atrocities go on…day after day.


These crimes happen at a core because a certain religion does not respect women.  Followers of that religion treat women as lesser citizens. And worse: they treat them as property.

And that’s not all — they have a rigid and oppressive system of thought and beliefs, that they “educate” their “followers” and children to believe and enforce their sick code.   Their “education” is a form of mind control to force others to believe and practice what they do…or be killed.

The World Economic Forum puts out a Global Gender Gap Index and rankings that show how far the countries of the world are from equality for women.   The United States is ranked 20th.  While not as good and equal as it could be, and behind countries like Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden at the top of the list, it is still far better than certain countries of a certain religion around the world with Saudi Arabia being ranked 130, Iran 137, Pakistan 141 and Yemen dead last at 142.

Are men and women equal?

There is a 50/50 chance of being biologically conceived a woman.  If you are a man, you could have equally had the same chance of being a women.

In numbers sheer numbers, men and women are virtually equal : World population is roughly 50% women.

Why does a certain religion treat women as lesser beings?

A society that treats women with respect thrives far more than one that does not.

What honor is there in disrespecting a woman?  What good can come from such a home where women are disrespected or harmed? What good can come from a country that treats its women in such a way?

I want my daughter to thrive in life.  I want her to have the same opportunities as my sons.

Wouldn’t you want the same for your daughter?

There are differences between boys and girls, and between men and women. But those differences should be celebrated and respected.

If man was so superior he would be able to bear his own children, something women can do that men can’t.  Maybe women are superior.  At least most of them respect other women…and life.

So to those male members of certain religions and nations around the world that degrade and abuse women, I ask, “What are you afraid of?” Must you rule over women with an iron hand in order to keep them?  Are you afraid of losing them in body, because you can’t win their hearts and love?

And to the rest of us, are we going to just sit there and tolerate such abuses?

I don’t pretend to know what God thinks.  But I know what I think.  And I think that God did not intend for women, or anyone, to be treated the way that these abusive and murderous men are treating people around the world, misguidedly, in His Holy Name.

God is not dead.

He sees what is happening in all His creation.  He hears those who cry out for justice.  And He will render it against those who misuse power and harm the innocent and weak. Because one day even the strong will be weak.  And then even you who committed those abuses and crimes will know what you’ve done and regret it.

Chivalry is not dead, either.

And you men of a certain religion would do far better if you learned, practiced and taught it to your children.  Maybe then you would be loved too.







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  1. Ed Novick permalink*
    February 16, 2015 1:33 pm

    This post was partially inspired by the following recent news story. Jimmy Carter is a well educated and respected man who is known for working for peace, and I respect his opinion and conviction to fight for women’s rights as essential for justice and a greater peace in the world.

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