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The Spark

January 30, 2015

I just woke from a dream. It is still the middle of the night – about 10 minutes to 2 am.

I don’t usually write a blog at this hour, but know if I don’t get this started now, I will lose the story details and point of it by the morning.

In the dream there were lots of elements…a tower, a smaller scale model of the tower built by my cousin who I talked to last night, an inspiring story by my friend Phil about the tower that inspired many people who came to the tower, heavy and hazardous traffic near the tower, snow piled up along the expressway near the tower, me without a car on the expressway where the traffic was, cars losing control in the snow, me at extreme risk of my life when the cars were spinning out near me, me trying to get off the expressway away from the cars spinning out toward me, me climbing the piles of snow along the expressway, me almost reaching the top of the piles of snow, me losing my footing near the top of the snow mound and starting to fall back into harm and possibly doom’s way back into the spinning out traffic, the crowd who had come to the tower watching me about to fall backward into peril and doom in horror, my goddaughter, at the top of the hill with the safe footing near the summit of the mound of snow, grabbing a long tree branch and extending it toward me as I was about to fall back, me grabbing for the branch, the branch giving way because it wasn’t strong enough to pull me up to safety, the crowd gasping in horror as the branch failed to secure me, me realizing that although the branch didn’t save me, it did help me by changing my momentum from falling backward to doom, to falling forward back toward the pile of snow and up toward the hill that I could climb to safety.


What does it all mean?

And why do I record these rambling at 2 am in the morning?

The answer to the second question is so that I don’t lose the details and message of the dream so I can share it with you.

The answer to the first question is – I don’t know.

But to me, what I got out of it, I had to share.

To me, the meaning brings a message of hope. Hope that I had to share.

I won’t go into all the meanings of all the details in the dream – they aren’t important for this story.  I honestly don’t know anyway.

But what I knew I had to translate, and share, was a message of hope.

I was in grave peril. I was trying to climb to safety, I could almost do it on my own, but as in life, sometimes you can’t do it all on your own.

A child, innocent, meek, almost powerless, picked up a stick, unable to pull me to safety on her own, but still, by her action and gesture of love, shifted the momentum of my situation, and within my heart, from fear and doom, to hope – hope that could save me.

If you are me in the dream, falling back slowly, helpless in your situation, feeling like doom is inevitable – look up for help, grab for the branch, do what you can, but believe that it will be enough because it’s all you can do. And believe it will be O.K..

If you are fortunate to be someone in the crowd, standing on the secure ground at the top of the mound, don’t just stand there in horror. Be like a child of God – look for what you can do in some small way to help, even if that is just to pray for a person in peril. You may not think your small gesture or silent prayer could possible save the person. It might not be. It doesn’t have to be. You just never know when God is going to use that small gesture of love or prayer to change the momentum of the situation and save someone.

Who is in peril in your life?

What can you do as a small gesture of love today?

If it is you who is falling backward to peril, I hope that my translation of my dream at 2am is enough to shift the momentum of your situation and give you hope…hope that all will be O.K..

Sometimes a spark of hope is all you need for God to save someone – and sometimes that someone is you.


“A spark is all I need.”

Anytime — Journey

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