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January 14, 2015

Don’t you want to stop the insanity?

The world has been going crazy lately.  Just look at the headlines.

“Cartoonists Assassinated By Terrorists”?


As a recently new cartoonist at Ed Novick Comics that I started earlier this year, I am troubled that cartooning could be the death of me.  It seems like such an innocent, playful and good-willed activity.  I just want to make people smile and laugh with my comics.

But the conflict at the heart of the killings in Paris is a millennium old issue that may never go away no matter how hard we try:  religious and political intolerance.

There is a spiritual warfare being waged all over the world.  According to a web search, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world.  There could be more.  And there are over 7 billion people in the world.   That means 4,200 religions competing for a finite number of followers.  Or that means individual believers limited to following one of 4,200 religions, or having to start their own.  That means over 7 billion external and internal soul-deep conflicts going on all over the world for who God is, and what he wants of us.

The aforementioned assassinations were carried out by individuals of Muslim faith doing what they believe Allah/God told them to do, or possibly doing what other individuals told them that Allah/God wanted them to do.

I don’t believe God, the Creator, wants us to destroy anyone he created.

Nobody can make you kill.  But some people can make it very difficult for you not to.  Hitler did to the Germans.  Political and religions leaders do it at times.  Other people who misuse power can too.

There are struggles going on all over the world and religious beliefs are at the soul of all of them.

What do you believe?

There are many major religions in the world.  Christianity and Islam are a couple of the largest ones.  Hinduism and Buddhism are others.  Judaism, although somewhat small in percentage of numbers, still represents a major religion, and one at the heart of the conflict in Jerusalem and the Middle East where so much conflict over religious superiority and intolerance starts.

People – it is impossible to think that we are, all of us, ever going to all believe – really believe – the same things about God and what he wants from us.  Impossible.  Trying to do so is insanity.  Insanity.

It is widely quoted of Albert Einstein that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

That’s why you see so much violence and cruelty and suffering in the world.  Because there is an underlying insanity to what leaders expect of followers and what they are willing to do to maintain their control and power over their followers and you. And it has been that way for many centuries.

So what is my suggested solution?

I’m starting my own religious movement.

You don’t have to leave your current religion to follow the movement. This movement is consistent with most world religions that are already established anyway.  This movement has no leaders.  Leaders would only corrupt it.

The movement is Kindnessanity.

I invented Kindnessanity.  I did a Google search for the word “Kindnessanity” and found no examples of it anywhere on the Internet.  I was looking for a word that described the movement I was establishing and encouraging the world to follow.  You may find an example of it now on pages that I have created including one at NationStates, a nation simulation game on the internet.  I needed to create a nation in the game, and establish guiding principles for it, and established it on the principle that “kindness rules”.  I named the state Kindnessanity.  Right now this blog post is the only source for what Kindnessanity means and represents for our world.

But I claim no rights to Kindnessanity.  I transfer all rights to Kindnessanity to the public domain and common good.  Therefore, let every person conceived have the right to Kindnessanity.

Different religions profess many beliefs.  And their leaders go to great lengths to punish and condemn those who defy those beliefs.

Kindnessanity has one precept: Kindness rules.

That’s it.  Kindness.  That is sanity.  Kindness is good.

Have a conflict?  Let kindness be your guiding rule for resolving it.  Do the kind things.  Always.

Killing is not ever an option as a follower of Kindnessanity. If everyone would follow Kindnessanity, there would never be any killing.  Isn’t that a kind of world worth living in?

Imagine?  It isn’t hard to do.  If whether you were a follower of Jesus, or Mohammed, or God, or Allah, or Buddha or any other religion, you let kindness to others rule your actions and motives, no matter what else you chose to believe individually. The world would be such a better place.  Most religions promote this anyway.  Just a limited few leaders or followers don’t follow this precept.  They are the true evil ones.  And we can be kind to them too, and also choose not to do their bidding at any cost including losing our own lives.  That is a principle worth dying for.

Kindnessanity is the only sanity.  Be a follower of Kindnessanity.  Let kindness rule in your head and heart, and let it be your guide in all you do.

If you agree, then believe.  If you believe, then follow. And if you follow, share this article, principle and movement with others.   That makes you a Kindnessanian – another original word I just coined that I pass on to the public domain.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.  I hope some day you will join us. Maybe then, if we all do, the world will live as one.


To read The One Thing – A Philosophy For A New Millennium, a book I wrote and web-published for all for free many year ago which has foundational concepts consistent with Kindnessanity, go to




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