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Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Dreams

January 2, 2015

I woke up early today, as I do most days, but I was still tired.  I haven’t been sleeping very much lately.  I take 5 1/2 or 6 hours of sleep most nights as enough.  It’s not.

You might think this is about my sleep and dreams, but if you keep reading, you’ll see it’s not.

I thought about why I don’t try to go back to sleep.  I didn’t have to get up early today. Some additional sleep would be good.  I was recently informed that not getting enough sleep can be health and life threatening. I don’t want to jeopardize either.

I realized that I was reluctant to go back to sleep because I had woken from a dream.

I don’t like dreams so much.  They can be bad.  I’ve battled nightmare’s at times, most recently throughout and since I was divorced. The helpless struggle of trying to save your children from being forcibly taken from you by order of the courts and the will of their other parent is nightmarish, and leads to dreams of helpless struggling trying to stop what you dread from happening from happening.  Trying to argue with a former spouse who selfishly has no regard for you or what’s best for your children is enough to put you on the brink of insanity.  Even if you get help, it’s not enough to overcome the utter loss and powerlessness from penetrating your sub-conscious and turning dreams you once had to nightmares, and make you relieved when you finally wake from them.

But this story is not about sleeping dreams and nightmares, it is a metaphor for waking dreams and reality.

The same fear that kept me from going back to sleep, so many nights, threatening my health and life as a result, was the same emotion that was keeping me from realizing my dreams and making a better life for myself.

I imagine  you might be dealing with fears that keep you from realizing your dreams.

I encourage you to face and overcome them.

I’ve written about dreams in prior articles like I Have A Dream, Dreams of Bozo and many other articles that reference dreams.  

We need dreams.  Dreams are good.

I have a former brother-in-law who likes to play the guitar in his spare time, when he’s not working in the heating and air-conditioning business that pays his bills, that had a thought to write a new song every day one year.  He set a new years resolution that he would write a new song each day and every day that year.  Each day he found some time to sit down with his guitar and write a new song, sometimes with lyrics, sometimes not, and record those songs.  At the end of the year he had written 365 new songs to his credit, and he sent the tape with the application form to the U.S. government for copyright protection.  He now has 365 copyright protected songs to his credit.  He’s not a professional musician.  He doesn’t want to be.  He doesn’t want to be on the road away from family.  But he does want to be a musician in his part time and be a song writer.  And so he is.  I’m very proud of him for pursuing his dream.  Who knows, one day it may even pay off if his songs get discovered.  But even if they don’t, he is still a song writer.

My brother, Michael, is a Catholic priest, but recently published a book he authored.  You can order his book, We Don’t Live In Eden online at  He wrote the book over a long period of time.  He includes writing from when he was in the seminary and recent writings when he was writing the book.  He is now a published author.

I have another friend who has authored a couple of books under pseudonym Casey Quinn: Living The Dream On A Box Wine Budget and Numb.  She also recently started her own marketing business.

Another friend owns her own gift basket business at Awesome Creations.

People do some great things with dreams, but some people just do some simple, good things.  One dear friend writes Christian poetry and devotionals to share with others at her blog at Fitted Feet and is also writing a novel of her own so she can get that published one day. Another woman writes Christian poetry that gets published in our church bulletin from time to time.

Other friends are running businesses they’ve started, acting in plays, playing music, and doing good in their communities…all in pursuit of dreams.

I’d like to publish a book some day in addition to web-publishing the book I’ve already authored entitled: The One Thing.  But the work of writing a book is daunting.  I find it much more manageable to write stories for this blog a couple times a week.  So I do.  Some day I intend to take the stories I write here and compile and publish them in a book.  I am an aspiring author, and am doing something tangible throughout the year to realize that dream.

I also recently had a thought to start Ed Novick Comics which I’m pursuing daily.  I’ve made over 150 comics in just 6 months of making them.  I love doing it and bringing smiles and laughs to others.  Some day I may even find a way to make some income doing what I love to do.  That drives me in my endeavor too. But even if I don’t, I’m still a cartoonist. I may not make a living at that, but that is ok with me.  I do it for the joy, not the money.

Do you have thoughts of doing something you love or  that you always wanted to do but were afraid to do it?

Why not get started at it today?   It will feel good to overcome your fear and work toward your dream. Make yourself a new years resolution and get started doing something small toward it today and every day throughout the year.

Me?  I went back to sleep this morning.  I wasn’t going to let shattered dreams and nightmares keep me from being healthy and alive.  I slept well and woke up refreshed.  And then got to work on my dreams and making them a reality.

God willing, I still have a lot of living to do.

You do to.

Don’t be afraid.

Pursue your dreams.



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