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2014 Year In Review

January 1, 2015



2014 was the best year for my blog ever.

I had about 2 1/2 times as many hits on my blog over last year (7403 vs 3087), and over 7 times as many hits as the prior year (983).  That means some amazing growth in recent years.  And I had more hits each month this year over the same month for the prior year (except July which tied the prior July’s total (sooo close!).

It was my most productive year with 96 posts, doubling last year’s total of 47 posts.  My total posts at year end was 180.

My most viewed blogs of 2014 were:
1. Save St. Christopher School
2. Super Man
3. Saving St. Christopher School – Update
4. The Marauders
5. Happy 70th Birthday, Dad!

My record setting month came in January when I had my best month ever (2,015 hits) and best day ever (637 hits) on the strength of the top 3 stories listed above.  That was more than 10 times better than the prior January.  It was a great start to the year.

Some of my best posts are not always the most popular.  Here are links to what I think are some of my best posts from 2014…read some or all of them when you get the chance:

  1. My Good Hot Shower
  2. My Sweet Tess Valentine
  3. The Good Old Days
  4. Forces
  5. Why I Blog
  6. My Super Powers
  7. Essential Soccer Moves To Master
  8. Let’s Roll
  9. The Family Treasure
  10. Happy Trails To You
  11. Thanks To A Friend
  12. Me and My Drum

In 2014 I introduced Ed Novick ComicsThe Eddies, and offered a free summer concert schedule as a public service to my local readers.

Most of my hits come from Facebook as a referrer because I post a link to most of my new blog stories to Facebook so friends and family can read them. But it is interesting to see that my second and third biggest referrer are search engines (led by Google) and WordPress (the provider that hosts my blog) so it is nice to see that some readers I don’t even know surf into my blog regularly. I also get a handful of referrals to my blog from friend’s blogs who share a link to my blog with their readers, so thanks to those of you who share a link to my blog with others.

Most of my hits came from the United States (6,718), but my blog is global with visitors from 47 countries this year! Next to the U.S., the next top visiting countries are United Kingdom (195), Philippines (86), Germany (77), Canada (60) and Australia (49), but visitors from many other international countries have read my blog.  Thank you to all my international readers!

I passed the 12,000 total hit mark on my blog in November and am nearing 13,000 hits.  That is a lot of hits for a blog less than 6 years old.

My blog is up to 59 Followers…people who receive each new post via email so that they don’t miss a single one.  If you’d like to get each new post via email, click on the Follow This Blog button on the right had column of my blog.  I’d love to increase this number in 2015. I’ll be working to bring you many more quality stories in 2015.

Thank you to all my readers who helped make this a successful year for my blog. I’m looking forward to writing more stories and having more blog success in the coming year.

Have a happy and blessed 2015!



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