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Nappetizers and Novelties

November 6, 2014

Have you ever had an appetizer?  You know, one of these yummy precursors to a meal?

Have you ever taken a nap?  You know, one of those yummy brief periods of sleep in the middle of the day?

Well, I’ve invented a new word – “nappetizer”.

A “nappetizer” (noun) is a very brief period of sleep during the day when one dozes off unexpectedly and uncontrollably waking to realize a nap is needed..



A nap could be a 10 to 90 minute time in the middle of the day when you sleep.

A nappetizer is a 10 second to 10 minute period of time when your brain shuts down unexpectedly for some desperately needed sleep, and you wake to realize you really do need a nap and then lay down to get a real nap.

I invented the word nappetizer.  OK, maybe I wasn’t the first to think of it as I did find other examples of the word on the internet like I did for the word Choctober.  But I thought it up on my own before I ever found other examples of it so it is my own original thought.  Whenever I heard someone asking if I wanted “an appetizer”, my slow and tired brain often heard it as “a nappetizer” – which sounded delicious to me.

There seems to be so many new words lately.  The Oxford dictionary added numerous new words last year including “selfie”, “twerk”, and “jorts” (denim shorts).  They add new words every year.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary on the web has a New Words & Slang section. It has such novel and nifty words as “slampaign” ( a political campaign that involves attacking an opponent), “unimpressment” (the state or condition of being unimpressed) and “askhole” (a person who asks for advise but does not follow it).  Some people have created some very creative and amusing words.

So I’m offering “nappetizer” as my contribution to the English language, and to mankind, and will be thinking of more new words to take credit for every chance I get.

Do you have a new word that you’ve invented and want to claim credit for?  If so, add it with its definition in the Comments section below.  Then you might want to add it to the Open Dictionary of New Words & Slang at so you can get credit for your new words too.  I added “nappetizer”, so don’t bother trying to get credit for that one – that’s mine.

You don’t get many chances to create something of value to mankind very often.  Wait…scratch that…reverse that…you get a chance to create something novel of value to mankind every single day you’re given.  So use that brain God gave you for something useful.  Invent a new word or do something else novel today. You’ll feel good about your contribution and yourself.



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