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Double Vision

October 20, 2014

Have you ever had double vision?   Have you ever done a double take?  Have you ever seen double?

If so, then check this fun article out … and on the double.

Did you know that there is an idiom section in the  Click here for the section on the word “double”.

The dictionary can define the word “double”, but it can’t tell you all the ways to use it in speech.  The word “double” is used for all kinds of expressions like the ones above and others in this article.

Your technology can give you all kinds of abilities like a phone, camera, video camera, and applications, but it can’t tell you all the ways you can use them.  Most people use their iPhone for conventional purposes like talking to people on their phone, texting and playing games.  I like to find more creative ways of applying all these capabilities.

Here is one fun video I created recently using my iPhone and various iPhone apps.  It is a fun example of what is possible with modern technology and a little imagination.


Do you feel double crossed?  Or did you double over in laughter?

No stunt doubles were harmed or even used in the making of this video.  It was just me and a little trick photography using a combination of apps on my iPhone and a little ingenuity.

I share this for your entertainment, and maybe your enlightenment.

Life can seem boring and constraining at times.  We tend to see things a certain way based on years of living under a set of beliefs and experiences and habits.

But sometimes our beliefs, experience or habits are limiting or keeping us from seeing what is possible and getting to our full potential.

We can find the possibilities particularly when we are open to the possibilities, or better yet – looking for the possibilities.

I recently began an endeavor to be a cartoonist and started Ed Novick Comics.  Until recently, I never imagined I would be making comics.  I have very limited artistic ability. But using the talents I do have, and tools that I recently discovered, I imagined the possibilities and am now doing something new and fun.

Are you bored?  Do you feel stuck in life?  Do you feel constrained by the conventional of ‘what is’?

Use your imagination.  That is what God gave it to you for!   Brainstorm.  Get creative.  Think outside the box.  Learn something new.  Grow in a new direction.     Read about new things.  Take a class.  Share ideas.  Explore the possibilities.  Think of what could be.

Do something different.  Get involved.  Volunteer to do something new for a good cause.  Join a club or organization.  Meet someone new.   Try something you’ve never done before.  Pursue your dreams.

We all have many talents and abilities.  But are we using them fully?  Are there ways we can use them more fully and more satisfyingly?

I can tell you about imagination, and maybe inspire you to use your imagination, but I can’t tell you what to imagine or dream about.  That is for you to discover on your own.  God will send the thoughts when you are ready for them.  Then it will be up to you to do something about them.

Don’t be stuck or bored or complacent with ‘what is’.

See what is…then use your mind to think creatively about what could be…and then do something to make it so.

It will feel great and maybe even double your pleasure, double your possibilities and double your fun in life.





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