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The Bald And The Beautiful

October 14, 2014

There is a TV soap opera on CBS entitled, “The Bold And The Beautiful”, but for today I’m going to borrow the title and amend slightly to “The Bald And The Beautiful”.  Today is Bald And Free Day according to the Holiday Insights web site, a day that honors those of us with a beautiful hair-free head.  That includes me.

Don’t let the photo at the top of my blog fool you.  That photo was from a more youthful time 20 years ago.  I looked good in a tux and had a full head of hair then.  To quote Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, “That was a pretty good day”.  Or so it seemed at the time.

But the years have relieved me of the hair on the top of my head, and the stresses, burdens and costs that come with it, and today I look like this….noble, handsome, statuesque … and bald. (By the way, I’m the hair-free genius on the right, with the other being a statue of the great, but hair-burdened genius Thomas Jefferson. )




There are lots of theories about why I and other people are bald.  Some say it is genetics.   Some say it is from too much testosterone.  Some say it is the result of stress.   While all of these may be true, I like to think that mine are from many years of blessings – it is traditional to lay one’s hands on a person’s head when giving them a blessing, so I imagine God has been doing that to me for years and the friction over the blessing path has rubbed off the hair on the top of my head.  Or, maybe it’s just my head’s way of feeling free, shedding the burden of the covering and going streaking. Whichever the case, it’s not so bad.

I celebrate my hair-free head, and even reflect it in my Ed Novick Comics.  I could add hair to my comic image, but then it wouldn’t be me.  I think the most beautiful art reflects real life.



Here are some ways you can celebrate today:

  1. No Bald Jokes – zero tolerance for them – speak out against anyone who tries to tell them and depreciate a person with no hair.  The bald have no control over their hair loss, and besides, that is the way God made them.
  2. If you are a beautiful woman, it is good luck to kiss a bald man (at least it would be good luck for the bald man).



That’s pretty much all I can think of, but those things would be very nice.

If you still have time after celebrating the bald today, you might also try celebrating another holiday today… National Dessert Day. Splurge and enjoy a yummy dessert treat today. I just might indulge in a yummy apple pie, a blueberry pumpkin muffin or a low-cal kiss from one of the aforementioned beautiful women….or may really splurge and indulge in them all.

Whichever ways you choose to celebrate today, definitely do celebrate today…after all, these are The Good Old Days.



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