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The Family Treasure

October 10, 2014

When my grandmother, Gladys DiGuido, passed away nearly eleven years ago, we lost  one of  the most beautiful people I’ve ever known.

I was granted the honor of giving the eulogy at her funeral mass.   I loved my grandmother dearly and I had done some reflecting on what I learned from her over the years about what was important in life, and I wanted to share it with the family and friends that gathered to celebrate her life.

When the services were over and we laid her body to final rest, the family had to go about the business of dividing her property.  Gladys had 8 children, 7 of which survived her.  Fortunately, they learned the lesson from her that “family” is a sacred treasure, and there were few disputes over who got what. Her house recently sold finally, 10 years later.

Still, some of the things were one-of-a-kind, and it had to be decided just who got what.

One of the most prized family treasures was grandma’s collections of photographs.  She had pictures going back decades…over a century, really, as some of the photos were of her own ancestry (and my grandfather’s) going back to her own grandmother (my great-great grandmother).

I was saddened to think that those photos would be split off among family members and lost to some the family descendants that did not get the photos.

I asked for permission to be able to scan the photos and make digital copies of many of the old photos so that I could save them on DVD and make DVD copies to give to all of Gladys’s kids and grand-kids so they would all have them as a keepsake for their own records and to give to their descendants. I gift-rapped the DVD’s I had made and gave  one to each of the aunts, uncles and cousins on Christmas day 2004, a year after grandma died.  The aunts, uncles and cousins who received the DVDs seemed so happy and thankful to receive them.  I was full of joy to be able to give it to them.  The work of scanning the photos and burning many copies onto DVD’s for the dozens of family members was a labor of love.


Photo of the DVD of the Gladys DiGuido Family Photo Album



Grandma was a treasure.  Scratch that — Grandma IS a treasure.  She lives on in the minds, hearts and DNA of dozens of descendants who love her still and always will, as well as most surely with The Lord in heaven where we will see her again one day.


Gladys’ 18 year old portrait photograph

Grandma, your kids and grand-kids are still loving each other as we always have because that is what we learned from you.  Many of us saw each other at a family wedding recently and we had a great time together.  We still get together whenever we can to reminisce and share love and laughs.  Thank you for keeping us together and loving us so richly when you were with us.  And thank you for taking and preserving so many great photos.  The photos are priceless.  But the family love we share, thanks to you, a wonderful treasure.  We love and miss you.





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