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Declaration of Awesome

August 29, 2014

When I was about 10 years old (1976), I was president of a neighborhood club, and life was good.  I read MAD magazine, a funny magazine for kids, and one of the issues had a set of club officer cards (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) and some member cards so that you could have official club member cards for each member of your own club.  I convinced the neighborhood kids to join the club and I served as president.  I still have the President card as a memento and come across it from time to time.

We had nice kids in our neighborhood and did some fun things together that summer.   We put together a newspaper of stories we wrote and circulated it around the neighborhood.  We rode bikes (I imagine like a motorcycle riding club does), we climbed trees (I sat on the highest substantial limb of a tree that was over 40 feet tall), we played baseball, we held a magic show (I was the magician), we (pretend) married my brother to a girl in the neighborhood with me presiding at the (pretend) wedding (don’t worry, people, I don’t think it was a valid marriage because they were about 9 years old and still minors, but maybe I should contact MAD magazine and find out what powers those cards actually vested in me), we put together a creepy haunted garage where we had lots of freaky things for people to walk through and experience like touching eyeballs in a bowl (hard boiled eggs) and brains (spaghetti), and engaged in lots of other ambitious kid fun.

(Before I forget, props go out to Michael, Maribeth, Gina, Sharon, and the other club members at large who helped us kids use our imaginations, dream big and have good, clean American fun.)

As subsequent years went by, we all grew up, and some of us let our imagination and ambition for doing things slide. We became, well, boring.  I attended an all-male high school and stuffed much of my creativity and ambition in those years.  I was saving it up for later in life.

But I never forgot the leadership skills I learned playing President in that neighborhood club, and always imagined one day I would be using them to do something awesome.

In college, I started out kind of timid, but I emerged from my shell and grew to use the dormant leadership skills I had by getting College for Playin’ produced, starting a Spirit Committee in Student Government for which I received a Senator of the Year award, later ran for Student Government President (but lost – not a bad thing, some time the best growing experiences come from adversity and loss), and years later ran for Lewis University Alumni Association President – and won!  I’m proud of these experiences and the achievements I (and my colleagues) achieved along the way.

My imagination has helped me dream big, and my knowledge has helped me to work smartly to achieve many visions and to do some good things.  I started this blog 5 years ago and have posted nearly 150 posts so far. I started Ed Novick Comics earlier this year.  I have dabbled in business ventures and community projects with varying degrees of success. And, all the while, I keep on learning as I go.

What drives all this?

I don’t know.

But there is a sense that I need to show up, to do good and kind things, and to make the world a better place.

“I’d love to change the world/ but I don’t know what to do/ so I’ll leave it up to you” – Alvin Lee, Ten Years After

And I’m not alone in it all either.  I think we all feel a sense of ownership and significance in our world.  We all hear about the problems of our world on the news, and us fortunate ones who have the health and abilities to do so, feel a sense of responsibility to make it all a little better in ways that only we can.

One inspiring kid leader in the world today, Robby Novak (no relation; named spelled differently), is known as Kid President.  In the past few years, Kid year old Kid President has grown from an adorable and entertaining young kid with a webcast to an inspiring world leader with his own television show on Hub Network.

Kid President, has made a Declaration of Awesome.  He challenges each of us to stop being boring, and ‘do something awesome’.  He makes simple but inspiring statements like we can make the world awesome if we “just treat everybody like it’s their birthday”.  He said, “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance”.  And he provided further inspiration saying “One of the superpowers we all have is the ability to change the future”.

Here is a video pep talk from Kid President that you will want to watch and get inspired by:



So I ask you, as Kid President asks in this video, “What will be your Space Jam?”  Or, as I asked in my recent post “Why I Blog“, “What will your verse be?” Put otherwise — What will your contribution to life and the world community be?

Create (or do) something that will make the world AWESOME.  Be kind and encouraging to others. Treat other people like it’s their birthday. Dance.  And give others who you come in contact with a reason to dance too.

And share this life pep talk with others. You may just change the world, one person at a time.

The Declaration of Awesome has been made.  May it start a revolution throughout our world.  And may it inspire good and heroic things in you.


For more inspiring Kid President videos, go to:

For Kid President web site go to:



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