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July 14, 2014

Does anyone remember Letterman?

The Adventures of Letterman was a cartoon that was on Electric Company, a children’s TV show on Public Television channel 11, when I was a kid.  I looked it up and found this video of it on Youtube.



The voices of the narrator and Letterman sounded familiar, so I researched and found out that the narrator was Joan Rivers and the voice of Letterman was, just as I thought, comedic actor Gene Wilder (love him!).

Letterman would take a letter off his Letterman jersey and change a word to save the day.  In this episode, Dancing In The Dark, the villain Spellbinder turns the word “light” into “night”, casting the world into darkness. But fortunately Letterman peals the “l” off his jersey and turns the “night” back into “light” again to save the day.

Artistically to me, the Spellbinder represents Satan (evil) who had his moment turning all things dark and filling life with fear.  But Letterman who represents the hero of The Word, saved the day, and he did it with an “l” that is close to His heart, and put the light back in life again.

Words, and the thoughts they trigger, are funny that way.

I was recently driving down the road and thought I saw a sign that read “Marital Arts”.   I thought, “How nice.  There needs to be more focus on marriage and the art of it.”

Upon closer inspection, it became evident that I had misread the sign which actually read “Martial Arts”.

Had the Spellbinder struck again?

My mind went to my recent blog Happy Trails To You in which I had a similar experience upon seeing  the words “trail”, thinking it was the word “trial”, and wrote an insightful blog story comparing the two words and how they differed greatly.  In the same way that “trail” and “trial” are similar with only a transposition of letters, but a vast different in meaning, it made me think the same of the words “marital” and “martial”, and it made me think of my own failed marriage.

In the word “marital”, the “i” is first.  I put everything into my marriage and made it marital, at least as best I could.  I loved my wife.  I took care of my family.  I trusted my spouse.  I loved God and tried to follow His ways in all things.  I had faith.   I gave it everything I had.

Unfortunately, the Spellbinder put my former wife, Tina (or “T” as I used to sometimes call her) under a spell and tempted her to put herself first, overriding the “i”, and turning “marital” into “martial”.  Martial means “relating to war” … and that is  what the marriage became as a result.  It was warlike. It was combative.  There were casualties. There was pain.  It was hell.

I could only pray for God’s mercy on us – me, my former spouse, and my children.

God is love. And He is most merciful.  And His Word is the light of the world and will save us all. And, like Letterman, He seems to be using an “l” close to His heart to save the day by put light back into my life again.












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