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My Super Powers

July 9, 2014

From the moment I wake each morning and open my eyes, I perceive colors and shapes. I perceive all colors of the rainbow. I perceive shades of light, various hues and objects of different shapes and sizes – great and small. I can see objects up close, and objects light years away in deep space.

From the moment I get out of bed I navigate these objects smoothly throughout the day. I can master them and arrange them, and make the objects and the colors around work better for me and others too.

I perceive sounds in my head. I can identify and interpret the sounds. I identify and understand voices. I can derive meaning from them. My mind can decipher and interpret them and create solutions that allow me to function and make a better world.

I open my mouth and can make sounds come out to communicate concepts of thoughts that come into my mind. I can express my ideas through sounds that are emitted from my mouth in the form of words that seem to be perceived by those around me.

My feet hit the floor and I’m able to ambulate. I move about and navigate around space and the objects around me. At times I move around them rapidly sometimes very rapidly. I can run!

I can open doors. I can explore the world.

I sense subtle fragrances through my nose. I can track the fragrance down to the flowers and plants and foods around me. I can similarly sense odors that may pose me threats – smoke, chemicals and gasses. I can avoid things that threaten my health or welfare.

I can move towards those objects that I desire to reach out and touch them. I can sense subtle textures in the objects. I can grasp them. I can pick them up. Sometimes those things I pick up may be very, very heavy. I can lift and move them where I will.

I can sense things that move around me. I sense vibrations in the ground below me when a large vehicle goes by or a person walks across the floor near me. I can feel the soft gentle caress of a breeze as it passes by.

I can get in an automobile and navigate it at high rates of speed, around other objects without colliding with the objects.

I can store images, concepts and memories, almost endlessly, in streams, and recall them vividly even many, many years later.

I can sense time and move through it in a controlled way.

I can sense what is stirring within me – hunger and thirst. I can sense, identify and enjoy hundreds of unique flavors of things I feed on or drink to quench the hunger and thirst within me.

I can feel ranges of emotions surge within me. I can control them. I can use them to relate to others or to motivate me.

I can perceive concepts of virtue and vice that stir within and move me. I can control them. I can use them to power me in small and great ways.

I can perceive love and harness it to do good and make a better world.

I do not do these super things by my own will. These super powers are not my creation.

I sense something beyond me that I do not see, do not hear and can not touch. I sense that force is where the super powers come from.

I sense I have the super powers for a reason, even when I don’t know what that reason is.

I have complex abilities that seem to be a list beyond what I can even fathom right now. All I can do is explore them and try to master them more fully.

Am I alone?

I am seeking to find others like me with similar super powers.

Might you who are reading this have them too?

Not everyone I encounter has all these powers. Some have some of them but not all of them – and they need help. Some cannot perceive the light. Some cannot perceive the sounds. Some of them cannot interpret or speak the words. Some of them cannot get around to navigate their world or move about or lift the objects. Some cannot reason fully. Some can not sense the love that is all around … or the source of it. These people need our help.

Will you help me?

I sense we are called to unite.

We can call our united efforts a club, a guild, a league, an association, a community, a church or simply, humanity.

If you have such amazing super powers as me, for goodness sake – don’t squander them doing nothing. It would be such a waste of such astounding and marvelous gifts. Put your super powers to use for good too, and help me make a better world.

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