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My Parent’s Marriage Blessing

May 12, 2014

Yesterday we went out to a nice dinner with my mom for Mother’s Day, and she shared that it was 50 years ago today, May 12, that my dad asked my grandfather for his blessing to marry her.

Here is the romance, engagement and blessing story as I understand it from what she shared, and from stories I’ve pieced together over the years.


My mom had been dating a young man who was in the military when she met my dad at a bowling alley where they were with friends. They got to know one another, started hanging around together and my dad asked her out on a date.

Ed and Barbara's senior high school photos

Ed and Barbara’s senior high school photos


On one of their first dates together my dad took my mom to Indiana for the evening and his car broke down there and my dad had to call his brother to come out to Indiana to help him with the car problem before he could get my mom home. He finally got her home in the wee hours the following morning which didn’t leave a very good first impression with my mom’s parents.

They continued dating and a few months later my dad told my mom that he loved her, which created a conflict for her, and she resolved it by breaking up with the young man who was in the service, and my dad and mom became a couple.

Within a few months my dad told my mom that he loved her in December of 1963. He did this while they were driving in his car between cemeteries in Merrionette Park, IL. (Dad was such a romantic.)

Dad proposed marriage to my mom on his 21st birthday, April 26, 1964. She admits she was hesitant to accept. He told her if she married him he would take care of her the rest of her life. She accepted.

They went shopping for an engagement ring and he gave her a ring soon after, but they agreed that they would wait and not tell anyone until my dad found out whether he would be drafted into the military or not. At the time the military draft was still in effect there was a chance that my dad could also be drafted into military service.

The day he found out that he did not qualify for military service for medical reasons stemming from a foot injury (his foot had been run over by a bus when he was a boy), he went to my grandparents home and parked out front to wait for my grandfather to come home from work.

When my grandfather arrived home, my dad approached him and asked for his blessing to marry my mom.

My grandfather said “I’ve got nothing against you, Eddie, except you get my daughter home too late.”

My dad, always quick-witted with one liners, replied, “Well, if I marry her, I won’t do that anymore”.

I imagine grandpa couldn’t argue with that logic.  He consented with his blessing and invited my dad in for a beer.

My mom and dad were married on November 21, 1964.

Barb and Ed Novick

Barb and Ed Novick


The rest is history and they lived happily ever after (well, mostly).

Mom often says that dad said he would take care of her the rest of her life, and even though he’s not with us anymore, he’s still taking care of her, even now, 50 years after that promise.

True love. Ain’t it grand?

Happy Marriage Blessing 50th Anniversary, Mom!


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