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Top 100 Posts Over 5 Years

March 30, 2014

This month my blog hit a couple of milestones.  Yesterday I posted my 100th post.  I also noted that my blog was created in March of 2009 making my blog 5 years old this month.  Each year my blog has gotten better and better in both content and hits.

Here is a list of my All-Time top 100 posts over 5 years by number of hits. (Actually there are 103 listed – includes the 100 posts, plus stats on my Home page, and the About Ed and Reviews pages)  The first one is my blog’s home page.  But 3 of the top 5 were blog stories I posted just this year getting 2014 out to my blog’s best year yet.   You can click on the links to read the posts with titles that interest you.    And give some love to the posts all the way down the list – some of Ed’s Best Posts aren’t necessarily the most read.   Enjoy!

All Time

Title Views
Home page / Archives 3,241
Save St. Christopher School 495
Super Man 461
Happy 70th Birthday, Dad! 371
Saving St. Christopher School – Update 338
A Perfect Baseball Birthday 276
About Ed 213
The Marauders 170
Saint Callistus Ember Novick 111
My Sweet Tess Valentine 93
The Best Christmas Gift 83
College for Playin’ 68
The Infamous Christmas Squirrel Story 68
When Comes This Spring Called Love? 67
Dreams of Bozo 64
Lookie Me, Mama … I’ma Hillbilly Rockstar 62
Ellen’s Wonderful Visit 59
Rocky Times 53
The Second Half 53
The Demise of Frosty…and Us 52
In Loving Memory of Gladys 52
Baseball 51
Reviews 48
What Are The Chances? 48
HBD, LN 45
Broken 43
My Blankie 42
No Elbows at the Dinner Table 40
Hundred Reasons to Love My Mom 40
Relaying Thanks 39
2013 Year In Review 39
Groundhog Day 38
Bitstrips News 38
Farewell 38
Chicago Slaughter 37
The Elephant In The Room 35
Saved – St. Christopher School 34
Hilarius [sic] Papal Predictions 34
Hometown News 32
Were You There? 31
He’s Alive! 31
Celebrating 50 28
Winter Baseball 28
Upcoming Groundhog Day Expedition 27
Relay for Life 27
The Legendary Ed Novick 27
What the Hall? 26
Sheer Genius 26
The Good News 26
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? 26
Genius…sheer GENIUS! 25
You and I 25
Finding Rainbows 25
Stalking Dave Winfield 25
Funny Snow Men 24
2012 Lobos Baseball Season Stats 24
Ewww! 24
Sum Day Is Today! 24
Bitstrips Love Affair 23
The Stairs 23
ZephyrFest – Somewhere Between Earth and Heaven 23
He Served Us Well 23
Near No-Hitter 22
Thank you to many generous sponsors…and to you, Dad 22
New Year Blessings 22
The One Thing 22
How Time Flies 21
Can it be? 20
Be 19
ED 19
The Most Interesting Man In The World 19
Life Is Too Much 18
Spring Cleaning 18
Gotcha! 18
We Will Remember 17
My Two Front Teeth 17
Happy 25,000,000 Birthday To Me 17
Records and Bests 17
A New Beginning 16
It’s Groundhog Time! 16
The Sun With Your Face Rises 16
Follow Me 15
Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear 15
The Marauder Family Tradition Continues 15
Which is your favorite Ed Novick Blog post? 15
So Many Steps Forgotten 14
It’s Choctober! 14
Kobayashi Maru & Other No-Win “Games” 13
Fantasy Football Playoffs Begin 13
Baseball Is Fun…And A Lot Of Work 12
Next 12
Fright Night 12
Wow 12
The Legendary Great White Squirrel 10
The Eddies 10
Xobni 10
On Fields With You 9
It’s Groundhog Day…Again 8
“The Walking Dead Un-Novick Zombie Apocalypse” – A Fun Halloween Video Trailer 5
Going Mobile 4
Sponsor me in the American Cancer Society (ACS)’s Relay for Life -2010 4
Summer Music Memories 3
I’m A Poet, Don’t You Know It 3
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