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March 3, 2014

Ok. He got me.

Yesterday my twelve year old prankster son set me up for a prank. He got me.

Do you think I got him back? Nope. But I did get someone I didn’t expect.

So yesterday Canyon told me there was something in my bedroom he wanted me to see. So I went up to my room with him walking behind me. I pushed the half-closed door open and walked in, only to feel something hit me on the head. I looked down and saw a sign on the floor that said “Gotcha! -Canyon” and then saw a soccer ball bounce to the ground. I turned around because I thought Canyon had thrown the ball at me, but then he told me in a very-proud-of-himself way that the door had been rigged with the soccer ball over it to fall on me when I opened the door. Gotcha!


So, this morning, reminded by the sign still on the floor, I see an opportunity to get even with him and catch him in his own trick. While he was downstairs in the kitchen, I took the sign and put it on the floor in his room, half-close his bedroom door and balance the soccer ball atop the door. Then I go to the kitchen and tell him to go upstairs and straighten his room before we leave the house.

When he heads upstairs, I peek around the corner and up the stairs expecting a good laugh when I catch him in his own prank, only to see that he’s on to me. He stops outside the room, pokes his head through the half-closed door, then slips through the half-closed door, straightens his room, then slides back out through the half-closed door without upsetting the soccer ball atop the door.

Disappointed, I asked him how he knew to avoid the prank. He said he could see the soccer ball at the top of the door as he was walking up the stairs. Then he peeked in the room and saw his own Gotcha sign on the floor, and then he was small enough to just slip through the half-closed door without the ball falling.

My prank was foiled!

And, we were late. So we headed out for work/school.

Tonight I return home only to have my mom tell me that she had to tell me about something that Canyon had done.

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, she told me that she had gone into the room only to have the soccer ball fall on HER head! Then she saw the Gotcha sign and thought that Canyon had pulled a prank on HER!

Embarrassed, I had to come clean, tell her the story and apologize that it was ME that had put the soccer ball over the door, not Canyon.

The prankster not only got dad yesterday, but also got dad again when he got him in trouble for pulling a prank on grandma because he forgot to take down the soccer ball from atop the door before he left.


The little rascal!

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