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My Sweet Tess Valentine

February 14, 2014

Today I shared a sweet daddy/daughter Valentine’s Day moment with my daughter, Tess.

I received a text from her at 10:45am while I was at work and she was at school. Tess almost never texts me during the work/school day so I wondered what was up. The text read, “Hi dad! Can I ask you a question?”

Immediately I replied, “Yep”.

Now, I know Tess. If she has to ask if she can ask a question, before she asks the question, she’s going to ask for something that she knows I may not like.

I thought for a moment about what that might be. Using my fatherly intuition, I thought that either: 1) she was going to try to beg out of going out to dinner with us tonight for heart-shaped pizza (a Valentine’s Day tradition at our house for many years), likely so she could go out on Valentine’s Day date with her new boyfriend (who I’ve never met), or 2) she was going to ask if the new boyfriend could come to dinner with us.

Preemptively I hoped for the best and sent her a text that read, “Yes you can bring (insert boyfriend’s name here) for pizza”.

The next text I received from Tess read, “Do you think (insert boyfriend’s name here) could come to dinner with us today ….. Really. ??”

I could tell that she had started to text me her question, then received my preemptive text, was surprised how I could have known what she was going to ask, and then finished with “Really ??” I can only imagine what she thought when she read my knowing answer to her question before she had even sent her text.

For me, I read her last text and felt such a sense of connectedness to my daughter, and satisfaction that my fatherly intuition was right, and that I could know and anticipate her needs before she even expressed them.

My dad could surprise me similarly when I was growing up and sometimes seemed to know things before I thought he could have possibly known. I always wondered how he did that. Today I have a sense of just how he did.

And, isn’t that how our Father, God, knows and loves us so well, anticipating our requests and meeting our needs?

In reply I texted, “Yep. Dad knows and loves you so much I can anticipate what you’re thinking even before you say a thing. You’re my sweet Valentine and have been since you were born”.


She replied, “Thank you dad!!

Me: Happy Valentine’s Day, angel!”

Her: “Happy Valentine’s Day!!”

And, it is.

I’m so proud of my daughter. Since she was a baby I’ve called her as “The SweeTess Girl in the World”. She just turned 16, is doing great in school and just passed her Driver’s Ed test and will soon be getting her driving permit. She is respectful, sweet and loving toward others, and toward me too. She is every sweet thing a father could hope for in a daughter.

And, now my little girl is growing up. She just asked her boyfriend to the Turnabout dance next weekend and he said yes. I told her that no boys are taking her out unless they meet her dad first. We joke about it, but I perceived she hears me and is respectful, and maybe appreciative of the loving protection from where that expectation comes from. So, I guess tonight’s the night I meet the new guy in her life.

I imagine she knows the old guy in her life, her father, loves her so.

And, with the blessings I’m experiencing this Valentine’s day, I’m believing that my heavenly Father is so in love with me too.

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