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Saving St. Christopher School – Update

January 22, 2014

Tonight there was a meeting at St. Christopher Parish Church to update parishioners about the status of efforts to Save St Christopher School (link to my prior blog story about that) and prevent its closure at the end of the school year.

The meeting opened with a song: We Are Many Parts.

Then Fr. Krys Paluch led us in an opening prayer ending with an Our Father.

Nancy Callaghan then summarized efforts saying they are still looking for pledges and are short of fundraising goals.

John Clavio then gave a more detailed summary to advise that the the finance counsel presented their plan to save the school yesterday. He advised that the Archdiocese hasn’t accepted the plan yet, but was willing to work with the St. Christopher leadership committee to make it successful. He advised they will have to cut $100,000 from annual budgeted school expenses. He advised that the $1000 vouchers the Archdiocese offered to families to go to a different school if St. Christopher closes will not be valid if St. Chris stays open. He advised they are putting a fundraising committee together for Phase 2 fundraising efforts that would still be needed. He advised there will be volunteer committees for various purposes. He advised there were some contingencies : must maintain enrollment levels and grow it; parishioners must continue to support parish financially at current levels; student families must continue to pay tuition payments; and all pledge supporters would have to maintain pledge payments for the full 5 years to make this successful.

Then John finally revealed that there has been $362,737 in annual pledges so far! That is over $1.8M over 5 years which is very close to the $2M fundraising goal over 5 years that was the original goal!  That is 90% to goal in just one week of efforts.  He also advised they have received $55,000 in cash donations already!

John made the comparison of what he has witnessed this past week to the spirit of the scene in the movie Its A Wonderful Life (my personal favorite movie) where everyone from town rallies to help their friend George Bailey out of a financial bind with a generous outpouring of emotional and financial support from the community.

The committee leadership has been asked by the Archdiocese leaders to meet with them again tomorrow for further discussions.

Finally, John compared where we are not to hitting a triple and rounding 3rd base and heading toward a home run.

After the meeting I met briefly with John Clavio to thank him for his efforts on behalf of the parish.  John shared that he was proud of the work of the finance committee and that the Archdiocese wanted their plan to be a model for saving other schools that might otherwise close in the future without a plan.  He advised that the plan documents will be made available on the parish web site for complete transparency.

Tonight there was very hopeful news indeed!

Thank you to all of you who have made pledges and volunteered your efforts and prayers to save St. Christopher School.

And if you haven’t made a pledge yet, please do so to get us home!

And, praise The Lord for the outpouring of His Spirit in prayer and deeds to save St. Christopher School.

For more information about the pledge drive including where you can find a pledge form, and to track progress toward the goal, go to St. Christopher Parish Web Site:

Other links:

St. Christopher School Web Site:

St. Christopher Alumni Web Site:

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  1. Don Dalton permalink
    January 23, 2014 8:34 am


    Thank you for your well-written and inspiring blog regarding our efforts to save our school. You are exactly what we need, more positive, spiritual messages regarding our efforts to do what is right for our parish community.

    Don Dalton, St. Christopher parishioner

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