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December 21, 2013

It’s all about me. It’s all about Ed.


I took this picture about 2 1/2 years ago.


Because I thought it was cool that the car dealership where I took it had an entire section of cars in my name…as if those cars were there just waiting for me!

Kind of ego-centric?

You bet.

Didn’t you get that picture when you surfed into the Ed Novick blog, see a picture of me in a tuxedo, read “Genius…sheer GENIUS!” and realize that? 😉

When I was born my grandma gave me a nickname, as she did all her grandchildren. My oldest cousin was Sweet Susan. Another cousin was Jolly Jack. My younger brother was Mighty Mike. All her grandchildren and great grandchildren got special grandma nicknames. My grandma nickname was Eager Eddie.

Eager Eddie was descriptive and may suit me. I imagine I am eager.

But my brother Michael may have found a more suitable nickname when he jokingly adapted the nickname to Ego Eddie which he thought more accurately described my personality.

“Hi, my name is Ed and I’m egocentric.”

I understand that was just the first step toward recovery.

I imagine we all are ego-centric to some degree. We wake up with ourselves, we live with ourselves, we care and provide for ourselves, and as much as we may not like ourselves, we can’t get away from ourselves….or our problems.

It’s all about us. It has to be … for survival.

Still, some mighty good people try to get away from themselves, and their problems, and make it about other people…their spouses or lovers…their kids…their neighbors…strangers.

Focusing on others helps us get away from ourselves … AND our problems.

It feels good to think about and care for others.

As I was looking at this photo that I took years ago, I realized something that I hadn’t realized before and it moved me deeply. I had to write about it and share it.

It IS all about me!!!

Look at the picture again and see what I now see.


I see a cross. I see two crosses on either side of the center cross. I see shape abstracts of the scene at Cavalry where Jesus was crucified. I see my name – ED. I see a letter “E” and a letter “D” where the arms of Jesus were outstretched and nailed to the cross…in what must have been an agonizing experience…sacrificially….for me – ED! To redeem me!

This photo is art reflecting life, and the Gospel message, reminding me that God loves ME and Jesus died to save ME.

And not just me…he did it for YOU too. God loves YOU so too! The signs are all around for you too if you just look for them.

So I got up early today to gift you with that message that God wants you to know at Christmas. He loves you so.

So, this being Christmastime…the celebration of Jesus’ birth…the remembrance of the gift of Jesus to the world from a God who loved us so, (“For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 GNB)), let us get out of ourselves and our problems, focus on others, and share the love, blessings and gifts God has gifted us with, with other people.

It will feel so good.

Thank God.

Merry Christmas to YOU!

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