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Fantasy Football Playoffs Begin

December 8, 2013

This past weekend was the weekend that most Fantasy Football playoffs began, and I am happy that both of my fantasy football teams are in the playoffs.

My team in my main league, The Boyz (no connotation to the Cowboys, but rather to me and my boys and our Zephyrgerten/ZephyFest connection) finished in 3rd place of 12 teams with a 9-4 record and had the 2nd most points during the regular season. After starting out 0-3 and then 1-4 it wasn’t looking good for my team, but then I won my last 8 straight games! I imagine it helped that my draft choice of TE Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots returned from off season surgery mid-season. I won the championship in that league my first year in the league about 6 years ago. But although I’ve had considerable success since, haven’t won another championship. I’m hoping this is the year.

My other team, El Conquistador, in a new league I joined with my cousin, came in 1st of 8 teams with a 10-3 record and finishing with the highest point total of all the teams. I have a strong team and a good chance to win the championship.

I attribute my fantasy football success to good decisions week by week that helps me get the most talented team I can maintain and constantly improve. Even with an average draft, you can improve your team each week with good acquisitions throughout the season.

It’s always good when your team’s players can avoid injuries too.

The Boyz won this past weekend to advance to a divisional championship game. I will play the #2 team, a team I split the season series with winning one game and losing one game, so this will be a tie breaker for all the marbles. However, I’m projected to lose this week (it doesn’t help me that the aforementioned TE Rob Gronkowski was injured last week and will be out for the remainder of the season (ouch!), or that my opponent has Payton Manning, the hottest fantasy player this year). The winner will advance to our Super Bowl.

My other team, El Conquistador, is also in a divisional championship game whose winner will advance to our league’s Super Bowl. I am projected to win that game.

I enjoy fantasy football and know many others do too. It makes each weekend, and each game, more interesting because you have a vested interest in what is going on around the NFL. As a fantasy football owner you make decisions as an owner, general manager, talent scout, team statistician and head coach. You enjoy the thrill of being in on the competition and a part of the action. Sometimes you win…sometimes you lose.

As good as my teams are, or as genius as I think I am, it often comes down to luck. Just as in real competition, any team can beat any other team on any given Sunday. So, wish me luck! Maybe I’ll get to go to the Super Bowl. And then, who knows, maybe I’ll be going to Disneyworld!

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  1. Ed Novick permalink*
    December 18, 2013 10:46 pm


    I will have two tough games against two very good opponents – the best teams are in the Superbowls for both leagues – the teams that were 1-2 in scoring during the regular season in both leagues.

    With point scoring being how winning is determined, I like my chances – I’ve outscored my Superbowl game opponents over the past two weeks. I have strong and solid lineups and have them set for play.

    Still, any given Sunday … so wish me luck!

  2. December 30, 2013 5:53 am

    Well, I’m not going to Disneyworld.

    I lost both my Superbowl games.

    The Boyz lost by 12 points.

    El Conquistador lost in a two week total playoff by 7 points.

    That’s why you play them…anyone can win on any given Sunday.

    It was a good season but I came up just a little short victories.

    So did the Bears who lost last night to the Packers to get eliminated from the playoffs.

    Well at least my teams dominated in the regular season, won and went deep into the playoffs, and got to the big game. That’s something to celebrate even if I do have to live with this disappointed knot in my stomach.

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