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It’s Choctober!

October 1, 2013

Welcome to Choctober!


I’m always looking for ways to celebrate life and share a little joy with family, friends and the world at large.

Goodness knows there are enough Hallmark holidays.

But how about one that celebrates a whole month of CHOCOLATE?!?

My latest invention to do that? Choctober! It’s a whole month to celebrate chocolate.

Ok, maybe I didn’t invent it. A web search for the word ‘Choctober’ found plenty of instances and images of the word ‘Choctober’.

But honest, I didn’t steal it, and never heard of it before – it was just an original inspired thought I had while trying to sound out a unique way to celebrate the new month when it arrived.

How do you celebrate Choctober?

You could tour the chocolate world one day at a time. Day 1 – Fanny May. Day 2 – Hershey’s. Day 3 – Godiva. Day 4 – Ghirardelli. Day 5 – World’s Finest. Day 6 – Nestle. Cadbury…Wonka…Mars…on and on. Or you could mix it up enjoying chocolate ice cream one day, chocolate cake the next, chocolate mousse the next…etc.

You could also take your celebration to the next level and make Choctober something special for someone else. Give or share chocolate with a spouse, a child, a parent, a sibling, a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, a lover (unless you have the aforementioned spouse, then that wouldn’t be right)… even a stranger (although they shouldn’t accept it from you, especially if you pull up in a black sedan or a van with no windows to give it to them, because after all, to them, YOU are a stranger).

Give someone some chocolate, tell them “Happy Choctober”, and watch as a smile comes to their face!

Get creative and develop your own Choctober traditions!

Sharing a surprise gift of chocolate during Choctober may make someone’s day, spread some joy, heal a wound, make a connection, build a bridge, share the love.

Who knows? Choctober could even save the world!

What if Democrats and Republicans exchanged chocolates for Choctober? Surely they could come to a peaceable solution to the budgetary crisis and keep our government running!

What if South Korea gifted North Korea chocolate for Choctober? How could they be mad at them?

Can you imagine the rippling, peaceful effects when Choctober expand to the Middle East?!?!

So, whatever challenges you may be facing this month, be sure to make your burdens a little lighter, and life a little sweeter, by keeping a stash of chocolate nearby to indulge yourself, or someone else, with the ecstasy of a cocoa sugar buzz. It’s a quick fix for what ails you. It tastes and feels good. And it’s legal.

Don’t delay. Start today. Find time to celebrate it every day this month.

And ring out Choctober with a bang on the biggest celebration of chocolate of them all – Halloween on October 31st.

It’s Choctober! Share this post, spread the news, give the chocolate, feel the love!

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