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Funny Snow Men

March 8, 2013

One of my earliest memories involving snow involved making a snowman. My cousins came over to our house when I was 3 years old and we went out in my back yard and made a large snowman (huge to me – I was only 3!)

From left to right: My little brother, Mikey, my cousin Debbie, me, my cousins Donnie, Tommy and Theresa...and of course, Frosty

From left to right: My little brother, Mikey, my cousin Debbie, me, my cousins Donnie, Tommy and Theresa…and of course, Frosty

I’ve made a few snowmen over the years, some of them small and simple, some of them large and elaborate.

But snow man making is rare, especially in recent years. Some years I haven’t made a snowman, even though I’ve tried or wanted to. The snow has to be just right for packing, within a few degrees (I think 28-32 is best) and couple days of a good snowfall (overnight temperature drops make the snow into ice making it unpackable) Sometimes snowfalls are light and fluffy which is no good for packing. Some years,like recent years, have seem very limited snowfalls.

I remember making a snowman with Cody and Tess one night after work at our old house in Aurora. It was a labor of love. The kids were so cute at that age. Now they’re teens with limited interest in making snowmen.

Our recent snowfall of maybe 8 inches or so was prime for snowman making, but I was working and missed the opportunity for the best snowman, but day 2 wasn’t bad, so at the prompting of my boy, we gave it a try. It worked out pretty good, but the snowman was a little shorter than I would have liked because the snow wouldn’t roll, so we just hand packed it as well as we could. It ended up being a snow midget, or snow dwarf, or little snow person (to be politically correct).

Canyon put on the finishing touches with the face, and Tess took our picture.


My favorite snowman story doesn’t even involve a snowman at all. A few years back, 2007 or 8 as I recall, Canyon, who would have been 5 or 6 years old at the time, said that what he wanted for Christmas was 7 pieces of coal, and a carrot. Can you imagine that? A kid that age just wanting coal and a carrot for Christmas? Why? He wanted to make a snowman and use the coal for eyes and mouth, and carrot for a nose. Sure enough the boy got his Christmas wish in his stocking, and he was happy. Unfortunately, the snow didn’t seem to come and cooperate with a snowman making snowfall that year, or in subsequent years.

That’s why, when Canyon asked to make a snowman, I had to help him. Why? Because we could. Because the opportunity was rare. Because on March 7th, the reality was we probably wouldn’t get another chance to make one this year, and who knows with life – maybe ever.

Canyon did a great job of snowman making. I’m so proud.

And I’m thankful he suggested it. We might not get another chance to do that together. And I wouldn’t miss such a rare opportunity again for the world.

Tess even got into one of my famous self-taken pictures with Canyon, frosty and me!



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