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Near No-Hitter

March 2, 2013

As long as I’m on a baseball story roll, here is my favorite personal baseball story (even if it does make my brother cringe).


In my last year playing organized baseball as a youth of 18 years, I was playing on the Midlothian Cardinals traveling team with my younger brother, Michael who was a year younger than me. 

One day playing against neighboring Crestwood, my manager informed me that I was going to be pitching that day.  I had pitched before, but this was my first opportunity to pitch that year. 

I went out and did my best.  I wasn’t dominant.  I didn’t throw very fast.  I didn’t have great breaking balls.  I just tried to throw strikes, and followed my catcher’s signal lead as to what pitch to throw when and where.  Things were going pretty well.

I was rolling right along when my dad came up to me in the dugout about the 5th inning and said “Are you aware you have a no-hitter going?”  

I was not. We were losing 1-0, but the run I gave up on a combination of a walk and errors.

The 6th inning came and went, and I gave up no hits.

In the 7th and final inning of the game, I got the first two batters out and was only one out away from no-hitter immortality.

I threw a pitch and the batter popped the ball up high to left field. I began walking off the field confident that my no-hitter and baseball immortality was secure, when, several steps toward the dugout, I remembered that playing in left field was my little brother Mikey. I turned to left field and watched as Mikey ran a few steps forward, then a few steps back trying to judge the ball, then a few steps forward again.  The ball fell to the ground just a step in front of him. He didn’t touch it, so it couldn’t be ruled an error and had to be scored as a hit.

The next batter smashed a double deep to the fence and scored the runner. I then got the final batter out.

It was a two-hitter. We lost 2-0.

But it was nearly, and could have been, a no-hitter.

Baseball immortality eluded me. Poor me.

And poor Mikey.  He’ll never hear the end of it.


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  1. March 2, 2013 11:18 pm

    Oh, poor Mikey is right. It’s a good thing he followed the path he did, otherwise he might give in to the urge to kill you for telling that story!


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