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December 3, 2012

Every December 3rd since I was a kid my dad would ask, “Do you know what day today is?”.

For years I would answer, “No”.

He would say, “It’s Ellen Hardiman’s birthday!”

Who is Ellen Hardiman?

That was my dad’s gradeschool sweetheart, as far back as third grade, I believe.  She must have been something special for dad to always remember his third grade sweetheart’s birthday every year.

He told the story of passing her a note in school that read “G I C U R A Q T L N”.   He had cleverly coded a love note to her that a shrewd mind could easily decode as “Gee, I see you are a cutie, Ellen”.   Dad was pretty proud of his cleverness and his romantic way with the ladies when he was a young man.

After many years of Dad asking, “Do you know what day today is?” on December 3rd, I would look at the calendar and preemptively reply, “Ellen Hardiman’s birthday!” before he had a chance to tell me.  One December 3rd I even beat him to the punch wishing him “Happy Ellen Hardiman’s Birthday!” before he even got the chance to ask me what today was.

My brother, mother and I each have had December 3rd and Ellen Hardiman ingrained in association in as much as for most Christians December 25th is associated with Jesus and American’s July 4th is associated with the good ‘ol USA.

I never met Ellen Hardiman, but I remember and honor her today in loving memory of my dad and the affection he had for his first sweetheart… and for all sweet and true love everywhere.

HBD, LN! (Happy Birthday, Ellen!)

t Y R U N I X Y Y Y I M MT N M DKN w/o U O t I MS BN w U CR TML N CJ 2 I ❤ U N M 4 U P S U R A Q T N U C I M A Q T 2  🙂

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  1. Ed Novick permalink*
    December 3, 2013 10:26 pm

    Interesting side note that I just realized today….Ellen and I are 1/2 birthday buddies! My birthday is 6/3 and her birthday is 12/3…1/2 year apart…so I have my 1/2 birthday on her birthday and she has her 1/2 birthday on my birthday!

  2. Ed Novick permalink*
    December 3, 2014 10:24 am

    Read a related story – Ellen’s Wonderful Visit story is at


  1. Ellen’s Wonderful Visit « Ed Novick's Blog

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