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Baseball Is Fun…And A Lot Of Work

March 20, 2012

I love baseball. Baseball captures the imagination and takes you to a happy place. Springtime. Sunshine. Blue skies. Green grass. Summer days. Sultry nights. Fall Classics. Even Winter Baseball.

I was recently having a bad day at work, and turned my thoughts to baseball…all-time greats, heroes of the game, Hall of Famers, all-time records, stats…Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Johnny Bench, Lou Gehrig, Nolan Ryan…and not long after I was feeling fine. Baseball is therapeutic for the soul.

I’m looking forward to baseball in 2012.

My son, Canyon, is playing his 2nd and final year on the Marauders – the team I once played on, coached and managed, and the team my dad managed for 34 years. Canyon will be one of the team leaders this year. He’s fun to watch. He loves the game.

And, I expect to be playing baseball in 2012 too! My friend, David, plays on a 48-and-over league and asked if I was interested in playing. No, I’m not 48 years old yet, but they are allowed 3 players who are between 45 and 48 years old. So this is the first year I’m eligible to play…and I’m playing! I last played on a 28-and-over league about 5 years ago…and it was wonderful. But, alas, I’m no spring chicken and couldn’t compete at that level anymore. Maybe I’ll have better luck as a rookie against the old dogs! Wish me luck!

Baseball is fun.

And…baseball is a lot of work!

I recently spent a couple hours cleaning up the Midlothian baseball fields including Ed Novick Field – raking and pickup up leaves and garbage. My son, Canyon, and many others were there to work too. By the time the day was over, the fields were looking good.
But it made me think…baseball is a lot of work…and we should be thankful for all the people that do that work.


Canyon’s manager, Matt Prim, is a great model of that work. After coaching with my dad for many years, Matt took over as manager before my dad passed away in 2009. Besides managing a team, Matt is also serving as league president. He runs the meetings, makes and communicates the plans, runs registration, leads fundraisers, directs clean-up day, and much more. This year, his son is old enough to play on his team, so he does all this and is also a devoted dad.

But besides kudos and thanks to Matt, there are so many others doing work so that these kids can play baseball and we can enjoy it. Moms, Dads and grandparents volunteer to coach, run concessions, wash uniforms, chauffer kids, clean fields, umpire and fundraise. They also work at jobs all year to free up money to pay for registration to fund baseball.

And more…think of the police officers and military personnel vigilantly protecting our streets and shores so that kids can be kids and play baseball in America. Local business owners work hard and sponsor teams in our communities. Teachers instruct kids on discipline and teamwork all year long.

Baseball is a team sport. But that team is not limited to 9, 12 or 25 players. We all play a part in the success of baseball, whether we are playing, coaching, cheering, spectating, or just doing our job so that kids from shore to shore can play baseball.

Baseball is fun…and a lot of work. Thank you to everyone who works hard every day so that my kid can have fun playing baseball too.

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