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Fright Night

October 28, 2011

I’m not really into Holloween, scary movies, fear-inducing experiences or horror.

But I do love my kids, and they seem to like this stuff.

So, I enjoyed some recent ‘Halloween’-ie experiences with them and thought I’d share some details here.

On October 8th, I took Canyon to a Halloween event at a local campground for trick-or-treating.  Campers decorate the campground as a Halloween wonderland, enjoy Halloween activities, and in the evening, trick-or-treat from camp site to camp site for candy!  Some of the campsites rival haunted houses in their scary displays and experiences.  The scariest part? My little boy was so convincing dressed up as a girl that people who saw him thought he WAS a girl, and the other girls there wondered why ‘the new girl’ wouldn’t play with them.

Canyon(a) and me in a Jason Halloween mask and santa hat costume (scary)

On October 16th, Tess, Canyon and I joined some of my cousin’s family at Fright Fest at Great America.  The weather was clear, but cool, and the kids had a great time on the roller coasters and rides.  Later in the evening, ghouls came out in costumes to scare the park patrons.  I got a few good screams out of the girls sneaking up on them and growling from behind.  It was a fun day.

Super man and super kids

The kids and I watched the season 2 premiere of a tv series called ‘The Walking Dead’ recently.  It is a series about a world where a virus has infected the human population, killing them, and turning them into zombies, except for a few humans who fight for survival from the flesh-eating and virus spreading ‘walking dead’.  It is a well done drama with a good script, is well acted, and isn’t too scary.  We watched season 1 together last year, and were happy to learn that it had been approved for another season with weekly episodes running throughout this fall.

A new movie called Fright Night came out recently that is a modern day remake of a campy movie of the same name from 1985.  I first watched the original when I was in college.  When Cody was 5 it was on tv.  I thought it was a little too scary for the young man, but Cody said, ‘But I want to watch it, dad.  I can face my fear’.  I relented, let him watch it, and lived to regret it.  He did face the movie, but the fears persisted long after the movie.  He wouldn’t go into a room by himself for many weeks…including the bathroom.  It created a lot of conflict in our home, and within me, for a long time afterwards.

Now that he’s older, he seems to like scary things.

Well, no matter where you stand on the ‘tolerance of fear’ spectrum, I hope you can enjoy the Holloween season, even if it is only for the pure fun of seeing the little kids in their favorite costume enjoying eating their candy.

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