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2017 Free Summer Concerts Calendar

May 18, 2017

It’s baaack!

By popular demand I am once again publishing my annual Southland Chicago Summer Concerts Calendar!

The summer is approaching and one of my favorite summer activities is enjoying outdoor summer concerts.
Last year I enjoyed many of them.

This year, I want to enjoy even more!


And I want you to enjoy them too!

Toward that goal, I have compiled a calendar of free (and low cost) outdoor summer concerts around the Chicago Southland and nearby suburbs. The schedule includes band names, dates, times (where available), locations and links to more information.

Simply Click Here for the Calendar

Then print it for your reference all summer long.

When you’re looking for something to do some day this summer, you can check the calendar and head out to enjoy a free (or low cost) outdoor summer concert.

Maybe you’ll even see me there!

And please feel free to share a link to the calendar or this article with your own friends to maximize your own enjoyment of the concerts and make a party out of each outing.

May God bless you with a wonderful summer full of good music and good friends to share it with!


Ed Day In The Life

March 8, 2017
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I’m excited to share my latest creative project – an animated short film entitled Ed Day In The Life starring Ed (my comic counterpart) and Leslie.  
The animated story shares a sense of what a typical day is like for me. It ranges the emotional gambit from the boredom of routine, to the sadness of leaving the one you love, to frustration and anger at work, to the happiness of a warm homecoming and the ecstasy of love…all with some very funny moments along the way.
We think you will like it and suggest watching it again and again so you catch all the funny expressions and references at the fast and furious finish. And feel free to share it with others and let us know what you think of it.
The video is only 3 minutes long and worth every one of them. Make sure your speaker is on so you can hear the music that helps convey the emotion and the sound effects along the way.


(Go to the website to see the video)

The Eddies – 2017

February 26, 2017

Once again it’s time for The Eddies!

That night when Ed gives out awards for excellence in every day living.

So, without further ado…

Let the show begin!

And this year, the Eddies go to…

  • And the Eddie for Most Courageous Comeback goes to … Phil Campbell
  • And the Eddie for Most Outstanding Letter From A Father To His Son goes to…. Ronald Dion Smith
  • And the Eddie for Most Remarkable Recovery goes to… Dan DiGuido
  • And the Eddie for Most Exemplary Model For Living In The Spirit Of Christmas Each Day goes to… Diane Semprevivo 
  • And the Eddie for Best Christmas Concert Director goes to… IT’S A TIE!  Phil and Amy Switalski
  • And the Eddie for Best New Podcast goes to … Marilyn Toner Naughton for her work on Where Are My Glasses? podcast
  • And the Eddie for Best Mother-In-Law goes to… Sue Thomas
  • And the Eddie for Most Outstanding Debut Performance In A High School Play goes to…. Canyon Novick for his work as Jeffrey in the Oak Forest High School Production of The Curious Savage.
  • And the Eddie for Most Effort, Skill and Care Invested in Christmas Gift Giving goes to…. Tess Novick for her work on crafting homemade woven scarves for all her family members.

Congratulations to all The Eddies award winners!
Thank you to all of you who demonstrate excellence in everyday living. Keep it up and you might win an Eddie of your own next year. 


Be Edcellent to one another!

Ed n Les Possibilities

January 1, 2017

Followers of my blog here may also be interested in following my new joint-venture blog with my wife Leslie: Ed n Les Possibilities at

I intend to keep this blog going, but will be focusing more of my attention going forward there.   So if you’ve like my posts in the past, you may also like following the new blog.  Leslie is a wonderful writer with lots of richness to share.


September 28, 2016

Ed shares his reactions to the recent Presidential debate.

For more Ed comics go to

ShockEd, OffendEd and DisappointEd

June 9, 2016

Is this the best we can do, America?

Following many months of ugly – and I mean UGLY (with a capital UGH!)- campaigning, it would appear we have our options…Evil and Eviler (you decide which is which).

Is this really the best we can do, America? Doesn’t America deserve better?

We had some pretty capable leaders in the mix at the start of the latest presidential campaigning. But one by one candidates bowed out because Americans, the same ones who made Jerry Springer a household name, chose shock popularity over substance.  

I’ve been shocked and offended repeatedly by the classless tactics employed by the candidates to get their party’s nominations. Name calling, insulting, and degrading rival candidates (and their spouses), and then having the nerve to ask them to back their campaign. 

Can’t candidates talk on the issues and lead with eloquent vision anymore? Must they resort to degrading their competition?

Now we can all sit and watch the reality TV (and I mean REALITY – this is REAL people, not a television show) as the two millionaire candidates, who were once polite enough to invite, accept, attend and pose together for a nice photo together at the other’s wedding, turn to degrading their former host/guest in the most dastardly terms possible. How two-faced, back-stabbing and evil is that?


It’s just beginning. The next 5 months are going to be ruthless, shocking, disturbing, offensive – and ultimately disappointing – as one of these individuals are more than likely going to go down in history as our next American president.  

Let’s hope they don’t take us all down with them. But if they do, I guess we’ll get what we’ve got coming to us.  

Or, maybe we can all come to our senses on election day, and write in a vote for an independent Average Joe for President (

 It could happen. 


Share this story and maybe it will.



For more Ed comic “Edventures”, go to

God’s House At Night

May 14, 2016
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Every once in a while you come across a piece of yourself in the archives.

Today I was at my mom’s, opened a box, and found a newsletter from 1980 in it.  The newsletter was published by my grade school, St. Christopher in Midlothian, IL, to publish news and stories written by the students.  In it I found the reason it was saved all these years — it included a poem I wrote in 8th grade.

Here it is for modern day reading, and archiving for future generations to discover. It’s not epic, but is one of the first poems I ever wrote and still have. It reveals the budding spark of love this poet has for poetry, many poems of which I’ve written and published on this blog.


God’s House At Night


Your entry begins with a shrill creek of the door,

No one is there but yourself and your Lord.

It’s pitch black in the Church – darker than night,

The flicker of candles gives the altar a highlight.

You feel your way to the pew and then you kneel down,

Then pray with no on in sight, and you hear not a sound.

The calmness and serenity while you talk to the Father,

All creation is quiet and gives not a bother.


– Ed Novick, St. Chris Crier school newsletter – 1980

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