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I Was On TV!  Did you see me?

March 22, 2015

Did you see me on TV tonight?

I wrote in my prior blog post that I Might Be On TV This Sunday!  And I was!

Chicago’s Best episode covering restaurants in the Chicago Southland featured Bella Mia restaurant in Midlothian, my favorite restaurant, filming while I was dining there with Leslie, and I was captured in the background of the shot  showing Elliot sitting in the dining room.

And, if you didn’t blink, you could have seen me on TV too.

But in case you did blink, here is what you would have seen had you not blinked.  I was behind Elliot for part of the shot, but when the camera moved – BAM!  There I was!

See the image below for the money shot. Just to the right of Elliot’s head…his nose knows No.  That hairline is unmistakably moi.


What are the chances?

Actually it kind of reminds me of the chances of getting caught on film as I did in my prior blog story What Are The Chances?

If you happened to record the show tonight, maybe you can freeze frame it and get me a better shot, possibly one with Leslie on screen for a split second too.   If you would, I’d appreciate it if you could send me a copy of it.

Otherwise, I’ll have to be content with the 15 milliseconds of fame that tonight’s episode, this photo and this story have brought me…at least until Ed Novick Comics makes Ed Novick a household name, character and celebrity.


I Might Be On TV This Sunday!

March 21, 2015

A few weeks ago, I walked into my favorite restaurant, Bella Mia in Midlothian, IL, and as I was waiting to be seated, noticed that there was TV lighting and a camera man setting up in the middle of the restaurant.  I asked Randy, the owner, what was going on.  Randy said that Chicago’s Best was there to cover his restaurant.  I was excited for him.  Chicago’s Best is a TV show that features the best restaurants in Chicagoland.  Bella Mia has long been my favorite restaurant since it opened a few years ago, and it is very deserving of recognition as one of Chicago’s best restaurants.

Randy asked if I wanted seating away from the commotion of the TV crew, but I said no and asked for a table in the back near the fireplace –  a favorite cozy corner where Leslie and I could feel away from the crowd of the restaurant.

We dined in the back of the restaurant by the fireplace while the TV crew did their thing.

At one point I turned and realized that the TV camera was pointing right at the table we were dining at. I wondered if I might have been caught on tape while we were dining.

Now I don’t know whether the camera captured me on film or not.  The camera might have been pointed at a downward angle toward the table, in which case I wouldn’t make the screen being just out of view at the top of the screen.

HOWEVER … IF the camera was pointed up just enough, I might be on TV!

Bella Mia’s signage out front of the restaurant has been promoting that it will be featured on Chicago’s Best this coming Sunday, March 22nd.

SOOOO…if you get the chance, watch Chicago’s Best this Sunday at 10PM on Chicago’s Very Own, WGN-TV, and look for me and Leslie at the top of the screen when one of the show’s hosts, Elliot, is seated at the table, possibly interviewing Bella Mia owner Randy.  See the red circle in the illustration below for where I anticipate I just might possibly be seen on TV.

bella mia


Chicago’s Best airs Sunday nights at 10pm on Chicago’s Very Own, WGN-TV and replays at various times during the week on CLTV.  So even if you miss the original broadcast you might catch it on a rerun.

Whether I make it on TV or not, our dinner at Bella Mia was wonderful, as usual, and I highly recommend you try dining there sometime.  You might even see me there in person when you go.  If you do, I’ll be glad to give you my autograph if you ask nicely…now that I’m a big maybe-on-TV star and all.


For Bella Mia’s web site, go to:

For Chicago’s Best web site, go to:

See the Chicago’s Best promotional video of their upcoming episode covering restaurants in the Chicago Southland including Midlothian:


View video full screen:


My Best Call

March 13, 2015
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Two years ago today I made the bravest and best call I’ve ever made.  It was just a simple call, but the start of something beautiful and wonderful.  It went something like this.

My Favorite Joke

March 12, 2015

I can appreciate a good joke. But I’m not a joke teller. I seem to quickly forget just about every joke I’ve ever been told.

But one joke I first heard from my drinking buddy, Jerry, back in college, I’ve never forgotten. I guess it’s my favorite joke. So I thought I’d share it.  It goes like this:


One day, the Lone Ranger and Tonto were out on the range. Suddenly, a band of Indians in war paint came over the ridge in front of them. The Lone Ranger and his trusty companion turned their horses around to race away from the Indians, but as they turned they noticed another band of Indians in war paint charging at them from the ridge they had just come over. They looked right, then left, and noticed more charging Indians in war paint bearing down on them from those directions too. They were surrounded. There was nowhere to run.

The Lone Ranger said, “Well, Tonto, we’re surrounded by hostile Indians. It looks like we’re finished”. Tonto looked around, and replied, “What you mean “WE”, white man?”



What do you think? Do you like it?

Why is that my favorite joke?

Not to get too analytical, but it is surprising. You know a punch line is coming, but you don’t know what it’s going to be. You never suspect what comes in the punch line. And when you hear it, it is unexpected. The last thing I was expecting when I heard that joke was for trusty Tonto to turn on his “kemosabe”.

Wouldn’t it be awful to be the Lone Ranger in that joke? Not only are you about to die, horribly, but the person you trusted completely betrays you when you need that person most.

I know what that feels like. I’m divorced.

You probably weren’t expecting that connection or punch line either.

But I know the feeling of The Lone Ranger in the joke, and it’s a lot like the surprise betrayal that The Lone Ranger was confronted with in the joke.

I imagine that if the Lone Ranger was fortunate to survive that day, finding some way to fend off the Indians, (maybe the Calvary arrived in the nick of time or something), he could never trust that traitorous red face again. He could choose to live out on the range alone for the rest of his days. Or he could find another truly trusty companion – one with integrity.



Who knows? Maybe The Lone Ranger in the story even lives to have the last laugh…if there can be one.


The Boys Are Back In Town

March 1, 2015

Today is March 1st.   Spring is not quite in the air, but it is sure on my mind.   The first day of Spring astronomically is March 21st.  But the first day of Spring meteorologically is March 1st.

There is nothing like Spring.

And with Spring comes……..wait for it……….BASEBALL SEASON!

I’ve written lots of blog stories on baseball.  You can find which ones and links to those stories at

But for many years my baseball season was, for me, softball season.   And I haven’t written any stories on my softball days, so this is it.

I thought I was done playing baseball at 18.  I was fortunate to discover I was wrong.  I played in Midlothian Boys Baseball from the ages of 9 to 18.  Many years later I played baseball with the Midlothian Lugnuts in an over-28 men’s baseball league when I was 39 and again at 41.  Later I played again with the Lobos in an over-45 men’s baseball league when I was 45 and 46.  I didn’t play last year, but hope to maybe hook up with a team for the coming baseball season.

But from about age 25 to maybe 29 or so I played several seasons with The Walshies – a men’s softball team that played in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

As a young man I had wanted to play ball.  I figured if I did play it would be softball, as my dad had played 16 inch men’s softball some seasons when I was growing up.  Dad played with a group of men in Mount Greenwood Park at between 111th and 115th and Central and Hamlin in Chicago.  I was only between 3 and 7 years old when my dad played, but I remember those times well.  Men like “Crazy” Bill (my dad’s cousin), my uncle Jerry, dad’s cousin Bruce, Pat O, Denny F, George B, and Ralph were my childhood ball heroes.  They competed on gorgeous summer nights and helped me to fall in love with baseball/softball.  After their games, they would sometimes go to the bar at 111th and Millard – I remember as I would go in the bar with them and they would set me and my brother up with a soda pop and we’d play on a shuffleboard bowling machine where we’d play for hours as the men drank…but I digress.

The Walshies were a group of pals from the southwest suburbs who played together for years.  The name Walshies, as I understand it, came from the name of a bar with the same name who sponsored our team. I wanted to play softball, but didn’t know anyone who played, so I contacted a local league and asked them to hook me up with a team that might be looking for some players.  I got a call from Tim…or “Digger” as was his nickname.  He invited me out to a practice in March.  The guys were very welcoming and friendly.


The front of my Walsh jersey – #9


I soon found out that most of the guys seemed to have nicknames.  There was Digger, Stilts, L.A., Goon, Duck, Cupp, Hos, and several others.

It wasn’t long before Digger dubbed a nickname for me too: Psycho.   I didn’t think much of it at first, but later I asked him why he gave me that nickname.  I assumed it was because I was skinny like Anthony Perkins who played Norman Bates in the movie Psycho.   Digger told me it was because he thought I ran like a psycho…whatever that means.  Whichever the case, it stuck, and I was one of they guys.

We played together for several spring, summer and even fall softball seasons in suburbs like Tinley Park, Orland Park, Frankfort, and Downers Grove.  We also played in some area tournaments, most memorable to me playing one down in Kankakee, IL.

I played mostly 2nd base.  I remember once going deep into the hole toward 2nd base to field a ground ball, fielding it fully extended, and flipping the ball behind my back to our shortstop to get a force at 2nd.  That was a glorious moment and stick-with-you memory…the kind of play you play for.

I hit ok, but usually near the bottom of the order.  I remember one season I was near the team lead in batting average finishing in the top 3.

I don’t think we won any championships when I played, but we were a good team, hit really well, and competed most every season.

After the games we often liked to go to a nearby drinking establishment.  Charlie Horse and Hooters were a couple of our favorites. There were many others.

The Walshies were invited to my wedding and those who attended took this photo together.  It is one of the only ones I have of me with The Walshies.  If there are others out there, I’d love to see them.  Digger is not in the photo.


4/9/1994 (grainy) photo of The Walshies who were at my wedding


I lost track of The Walshies for many years.  I had moved away to Aurora, and couldn’t play ball with the Walshies anymore.  I hooked up with another softball team out in Aurora.  It was good, but just wasn’t the same camaraderie as we shared with The Walshies.

I ran into one of The Walshies several years ago, and he shared with me that Digger had died.  I was told he killed himself.  I don’t know the circumstances, but was advised there was some depression that ran in his family.  That is a deeply saddening loss.  I will always remember good-natured and lovable Digger smiling, and playing the game that he loved with the friends that he loved.

I’ve recently had the fortune of reconnecting with many of The Walshies friends on Facebook.   Facebook is great for finding and reconnecting with old friends.  I still haven’t seen them in many years.  But who knows…it’s March 1st…Spring and baseball season is just around the corner…maybe some us will even play ball together again.

“It won’t be long till summer comes
Now that the boys are here again.”

– Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy, The Boys Are Back In Town


I recently heard “The Boys Are Back In Town” by Thin Lizzy on the radio, and whenever I hear the song it takes me back to the days playing ball with The Walshies … and has me longing to play ball all over again.


And if I do play ball again this summer, I imagine the spirit of Digger and thoughts of The Walshies will be on my mind.

The Eddies – 2015

February 22, 2015

It’s time for The Eddies!

Yes, that long anticipated and celebrated night when Ed gives out awards to recognize excellence in everyday living to people in his life.

Here is Ed arriving on the red carpet with the beautiful and talented Leslie just before the awards show.



And here is Ed on stage greeting the audience as he opens the awards show.


And here are some of the award winners receiving their awards.

















And humbled to be receiving an award of his own….




Congratulations to all The Eddies award winners!

Thank you to all of you who demonstrate excellence in everyday living.  Keep it up and you might win an Eddie of your own next year.

Be Ed-cellent to one another!


For more about The Eddies go to:

For Ed Novick Comics go to:

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Accepting Eddie Award Nominations

February 21, 2015

It’s almost that time again!   Time for The Eddies!

The Eddies are my very own branded awards with my likeness given to some of my friends and family members who have Bitstrip avatars and achieved some noteworthy excellence in life this past year.


For a limited time only, I am now accepting Eddie award nominations.

To nominate yourself for an Eddie award go to and design yourself an avatar that looks like you.  If you’re one of my friends or family members and you’ve done something noteworthy this past year, or reached a level of excellence in some area of life, you might receive an Eddie award.

Eddie nominations must be received by noon tomorrow (Sunday).

Nominate yourself for an Eddie – an award you will be proud for the rest of your life if you are fortunate enough to be one of the rare few who receive one.

Eddie awards will be announced Sunday night.


For more information about The Eddies go to: .

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